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October 4, 2010

我又回来囖!新奇吗?对不起啦,最近忙得快要崩溃,这就是康奈尔本科生的苦头。说实在的,我也蛮懒惰的啦,有时间却没抽空来博克 update 一下,只顾着看完2006年中国版的“神雕侠侣”。把40集都痛痛快快地看完,就忽略了别的东西,有点遗憾。哈哈,但是年幼时得做些傻事才能从那儿得到什么教训。讲倒了,都不过只是借口。啊,我现在因该用心地复习功课才是但我的脑海里却一再地浮现我和父母亲共同在东京遨游的日子。那时毫无烦恼,就带着无忧无虑的心态逛街,尝试各种各样的食品等,一想起就恨不得时间倒流回到那一刻。

지금 열심히고부해야하는데 정신이 흩어짐이 많다. 우리토코에서 구경하는 기간 너무 보고 싶다. 그때는 아무리 걱정이도 없고 즐겁게 지냈다. 새로운 경험을 도 많이 생겼다. 아 真的是深深地怀念, 새로운 맛이도 있었다.

前两天受到惊人的消息。我的朋友的亲友不幸地在伦敦发生了停了让人不堪设想的车祸。To be hit and dragged for 2km by a double-decker, that’s just mind-numbingly horrific. She was my batch mate but I never had the fortune of my house mates to have known her in a personal capacity. A Cambridge medical student, not just academically brilliant, but also beautiful and warm-hearted from what I hear. It is just too senseless a death. She had everything ahead of her. I think why it hit me so strongly was because she was my age, at a similar point of life. 有些时候我有些念头,为某某事而烦恼,脾气暴躁。但是,话说回来,她这个事件,说实在的是对我们的一种wake-up call - 到底人生中什么是最重要的呢? 人生短暂,一霎那就不见掉。不管有多惨,也要咬紧牙根硬拼下去。也许说起来有点残酷,但忠言逆耳啊。不想听也要反思。May she rest in peace. ):

If any of you knew her in any capacity, please spread the word:

Trying to reach out to as many people as possible, please help spread the word: We are compiling condolences / photographs / messages and memories of Mingwei in order to give to her family.

If you knew Mingwei in any capacity, send us your messages and memories of her in soft and/or hard copy. Please send them to us as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 2-3 days, to:
– Primary school and RGS friends and teachers
– Family friends and all who knew her outside school
– RJC friends and teachers
– University friends

For all hard copies, please email – tell us your location and we’ll give you the nearest address to send it to.

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