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Eating Live Octopus in Seoul

July 19, 2010

Life had whisked me off on another round of busyness. I can’t wait till I can retire and rear little unicorns in my backyard.

Anyway, as long as we are on the line of surrealism – here’s another thing that’s (literally) hard to swallow: Live Octopus. This is very backdated, and I edited the pictures on the night itself but never got around to posting them.

We started off with harmless starters and some Korean apple salad. Fruits in Korea are crazily expensive – more so than in the states. 4 apples cost 6 USD and a bunch of 4 small bananas 1.50 USD.

The plate of sannakji which I had been anticipating with bated breath. 은숙 언니 had it before so I don’t think she was as apprehensive as I was. Seriously, when I first saw how much it wriggled, I almost backed out!

You can view my first live octopus eating experience here…
여기 네가 처음 산낚기 먹기의 경험 볼 수 있어…

그 다음의 음식…
The next dish…

This was Korean seafood hotpot, it has everything in there but no rice.
안에 아무해산물도 있는데 밥이 없어.

Getting up-close and personal with the luscious looking seafood hotpot.

은숙 언니 hotpot 준비해요!

언니 sharing a laugh with the waitress before we dig into our meal.
먹기전에 같이 웃으면 음식이 더 맛있어요 🙂

We had leftover seafood and gochu sauce so 언니 asked for rice so it can be made into 볶음밥.
넘은 음식과 소스 밥을 도 넣어서 해산물볶음밥 이졌어~

Then we went off to a coffee place. There are loads of coffee joints in Seoul and it’s a common occurrence for Koreans to drink up to 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  A majority are probably addicted to coffee! 그 다음 우리 커피쇼프 가서 잡담했어. 서울에서 커피소프 많다. 한국 사람들 보통 매일 3-4찬 커피 마셔! 대부분 커피를 빠지게 할거야.

We went to a place called tuttook. A decent, cozy little cafe.
우리 “투툭”라고 cafe 갔어.  은속언니 자주 가는 아늑한 cafe 예요.

I had a latte and 언니 an americano.
네가 latte 마시고 언니는 americano 마셨어.

언니가 즐겁게 마시고 있어
언니  enjoying her coffee

한턱을 사 줘서 고마워요, 언니~

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  1. youngkorean permalink
    July 20, 2010 1:13 pm

    I still find eating live Octopus very hard.
    My parents enjoy eating live octopus but I just hate its squiggly, itsy-bitsy tentacles moving around inside my mouth.I don’t know why it’s still counted as one of the seasonal treats here, considering it causes suffocation deaths among Koreans every year.

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