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These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

June 1, 2010


I was there to make my Korean VISA for entry and it’s been a fruitful (albeit pricey) trip down to the Big Apple.

First stop was a Singaporean restaurant in Chinatown. The food was mediocre, kind of blah, but you can’t expect anything quite like the real deal so far away from home. Had sambal belachan kang kong, oyster omelette (cheat my feelings, I mistakenly thought it was orh luat! *drooldroolcravedrool*) and char kway teow. Honestly the meal made me miss Singaporean food all the more because it left so much to be desired. And it’s so expensive! Kang kong was 10USD, omelette was 7 USD and kway teow was 7USD. SIGH. The food in Singapore is so much better, at a mere fraction of the price. I guess it was to satiate my cravings since I won’t be home for a long while.

If I’m not wrong this was the Brooklyn bridge, off Chinatown. Looks so pretty but beneath the bridge is a mass market of illegal vegetable hawkers. EET EES THE ULTIMATE UNDERBELLY OF CAPITALISM. Fruits and vegetables of unheard of prices in NYC – a box of mangoes for 4USD, strawberries for 1.50USD a box etc. Of course, it was teeming with Chinese people looking for a good bargain! 🙂

OM NOMNOMNOMNOM. Say hello, little friends! Clockwise from left: fishballs with scallion, har gow, tender braised pork ribs, siew mai, tofu stuffed with meat

The next day, we headed to Chinatown (again) for dim sum. SO CHEAP. The whole meal came up to only 21USD! And we ordered like 15 dishes or something ridiculous. MMM so good. One way to judge good Asian food is the number of Asians in the place. This place was 98% Cantonese – our waiters didn’t even understand us when we spoke Mandarin. The most hilarious exchange was possibly between the auntie servers and the Japanese tourists.

Japanese tourists: What’s in this? *points to pau with custard filling*
Auntie: CAST-TAD. CAST-TAD. (draws blank looks from Japanese tourists) EHHHH…UHHHH… HONEY. YELLOW. SWEETEY.
JT:  What? What’s that…We would like the dessert tray please.
A: DEE-SERT? DEES-SWEETEY! *points to custard buns* HONEY. SWEETEY.
JT: ….It’s okay. No, we don’t want.
The rest of the serving aunties all around the restaurant started laughing. Actually so did I, lol.

YAY! With awesome red bean buns. The pau melts in your mouth, it's so warm and soft! HEAVEN.

Me looking gleeful in front of a tray of dimsum :)))

In front of the apartment we subletted in East Village

Of course, when one is in New York, Broadway shows are a must-go! Watched Mary Poppins & West Side Story.

At Mary Poppins! We had awesome seats and the sets and cast were fabulous. Second to only Wicked, IMHO.

At Grand Central Station

Amazing street-side sculptor. He sculpts your face in 15 mins!

At the famed Ippudo Ramen, which my NYU recommended. Went there at 11pm and it was still filled to the brim!

I still think my mum makes these better. But they reminded me of home - braised pork belly buns. 2 for USD8. Sim tia but oh-so-good.

Me and the buns!


At the United Nations building, between the portraits of Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon.

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  1. June 1, 2010 9:00 am

    Oohhh the Dim Sum looks good! Where is it??? I didn’t realise you were travelling with someone? Who was it?

  2. June 2, 2010 8:55 am

    wah cheryl, posing all alr. NY’s nxt top model much. lol, when u come back. let’s find a bunch of people go dimsum makan-ing. you ain’t tried nothing yet. I bet they dun have tehping.

  3. June 2, 2010 12:32 pm

    haha aug -_- ya ok set. i actually miss min jiang kueh more than tehping lol.

    yang: it’s in chinatown, nyc – i get so lost there lol wanted to go to another one i went w my friends last yr but stumbled into this. 🙂 ya was travelling w my friend from cornell. everyone headed down to the city to catch their flight home.

  4. June 3, 2010 3:43 pm

    HOW WAS IPPUDO? I kinda like the sg one at mandarin gallery but apparently its off the Japanese standard because the chef tweaked the recipe to local tastebuds or something. DIM SUM please. come back quick!

  5. June 4, 2010 7:25 am

    josh: haha zomg ippudo was rly good (albeit the price), cos the noodles were rly QQ. my friend who went to japan said this was memorable, unlike the one i usually frequent opposite the former Lehman Brothers bldg (cheap at ~8USD a bowl). Hmm I’ve nv tried the Mandarin Gallery one but the much heralded ION ramen was a let down. Lemme go eat the ramen in Japan in Aug and provide some feedback lol. Ya i want dimsum too but not coming back anytime soon!

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