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A Lesson In Irresponsibility II

May 9, 2010

Finals are next week!!!!!! Cannot believe yet another year has passed, and it’s going to be 2 years since I stepped on that plane and headed to New York for my first time. It’s been so fast – the halfway mark. Gosh.

Anyway, I should be studying right now and not blogging but I’m a rebel like that.

Haha, even I don’t believe that last line.

So anyway because I have realised that I write best when I’m raging mad, let me write about yet another incident of irresponsibility that emerged after the previous one, also in a group project. Geez, I really hate project work after these experiences.

So anyway, there’s this guy, let’s call him J. He’s Jewish, in my Korean class and loves everything Asian (especially Chinese), so we hit it off pretty great because I’m one of the few Chinese in my class – the rest are mainly Korean-American. We weren’t best of buds but because we both came early to class everyday, we would end up talking about random stuff.

So when we had to get into a skit group of 4, he asked if he could join my 2 friends and I and we agreed.


Don't mess with the angry Asian. He'll stab you with a pencil.

So another assessment  we have in our Korean class after the skit group selection process is another separate method of assessment: a pairwork oral that is conducted pretty much spontaneously. You are given 3 scenarios, such as taxi driver & customer, waitress and customer etc. and you find out on the day itself, just seconds before your test what your scenario and who your partner is. This is in effect to make the conversation as spontaneous as possible so there is no rehearsal beforehand.

So we were the first pair. As we exited the classroom, he told me in front of the rest of the class “Hey, if it’s the taxi driver scenario, you be the taxi driver.” I was stunned and walked out of class like, “Huh?” And according to my friends, the class was actually like ‘Wait, did J actually just do that?’ Because that’s not how things work – it’s completely spontaneous and you don’t dictate what your other partner does, you just come to mutual consensus.

And of course, no way in the world am I going to let someone push me around. It was supposed to be made free for all. So when we got into the classroom, ‘lo and behold!, it was the frigging taxi driver scenario that was assigned. At this point of time, I still thought of him as a good enough friend but I thought what he was doing wasn’t fair to me, nor to the method of assessment, because he was pushing me into a role without even a discussion. So when he said he wanted to be the customer, I put on mah beeyeotch face and said I wanted to be the customer too. (Disclaimer: I’m not usually such a bitch about things but I could sense something was up and I’m not going to be a fall-guy.) We actually had to scissors-paper-stone for it and I won. That means I was slated to be the customer but he went ahead and tried to act as the customer, until the teacher stepped in. DUDE.

He was NOT prepared for the role at all. And I knew that if he were to be the customer, which he obviously rehearsed for, he would try to carry the conversation his way (with alot of difficult, unlearnt words) and I would be left tripping and stumbling. He did not even ask me how was I supposed to pay for my taxi fare, which was included in the instructions. At this point, I just felt then that whatever I did was justified – you’re supposed to prepare, and he obviously was asking for it if he did not.

Eventually he just stormed out of the class after the oral and I found him outside Uris Library. At this point, I still thought of him as a friend so I sat down next to him and asked him why he wanted the customer role so badly. Then he said something that made me feel even more justified I didn’t back down. He told me, the taxi driver has less to say and thus will get a worse grade. WOW. SELFISH MUCH? Firstly, it’s not true because a conversation is a two-way thing. Throughout the whole oral, J had NEVER asked me any question back and I was the only one who had to keep the conversation going. Secondly, it was obviously that since he held this perception, he did not even treat me as a friend enough to care about my grade. If he had gotten the customer role, and I did badly, he wouldn’t have given two hoots about it.

So anyway, we met up as a skit group the day after in J’s house. This guy claims he doesn’t have a functioning laptop. R U SURE? You survived Cornell without a laptop in a humanities major? Well done, bro. So we had to write out our script. After it was done, and I jotted down the lines,because he spent a summer in Korea last year, he knew how to type Korean, so one of groupmates suggested that he type it out. But he said that he could not type it because my handwriting is messy and because I wrote out the whole script, I would know it best and therefore I should type it. WTF.

1. We were all discussing the lines together in that 2 hours and we had a readthrough, which was completely fine. I’m sorry but you should know the lines as well as I do.

2. You ever told me I had neat handwriting. And this guy writes worse than Toitle, I’m for srs. He uses the same blank A4 papers and his words are HUGE and all over the place. (haha, sorry Toitle. But your handwriting’s a standard!)

3. Plain assw*pe. Throughout our meeting at his place, his housemate interrupted us twice to ask him for rental money and he very defensively told her off ‘I put it under the door’ and when she asked him to check his credit card, he said he didn’t have credit. Seriously who puts hundreds of dollars under a door when you can just pass it in person cos she lives in the same house as you? EXCUSES.

So anyway, fast forward 2 weeks. The presentation is in a week’s time. J doesn’t come to school on Friday and does not contact us so we texted him about meeting at our usual time in school the next day. So we were supposed to meet at 10am in school on a Saturday and not his house for once. I reach at 10am and Nicole looks upset. She says J told her he isn’t coming a minute ago. She then proceeds to call him and he scolds her and tells her she is unreasonable for telling him to meet at 10am and expecting him to be there. He can only be there after 12pm, he says. Nicole says that she and Courtney have work. J asks her to skip work or change her shift. Nicole presses for him to reach at 11am instead, “it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit late, just try to come before 12. We are all here.” He tells her he has an appointment.

Throughout the 2 hours he sms-es us ridiculous texts whenever we ask him to do something for props.

When asked to print out pictures of food, he tells us “I don’t have a color printer, nor money for printing.” When told that printing charges could be forwarded to his bursar or he could set up a netprint account, he said “I don’t believe in printers. I’m anti-printer. Printers are bad for the environment.”


Nicole then dryly quipped “Then why doesn’t he stop smoking?” I’m just thinking, dude – this project obviously does not matter to you. I’m sure if it’s some humanities report, you would forget all about your false beliefs of anti-printerism and print the bloody 40 pages of work. What a FLIMSY FLACCID LAME EXCUSE OF AN EXCUSE.

So when we asked him to get disposable cutlery from the dining hall, he said “I’m against the thievery of plastics”


When we told him 3 forks would be fine and it wouldn’t be a problem, he said “I won’t conspire with you guys to commit a criminal offense”


He tells us to meet him the next day, Sunday at 8am for practice because he insisted he was not available at any other time. We all reached there and at 820am he still wasn’t there. We called him and he said he was on his way. At 835, we called him again and he said he hadn’t gone out of his house. And when he switched tactics and said ‘I THOUGHT YOU GUYS SAID 9AM’ and we were like, “NO, J. YOU said 8am. We’re here, and YOU aren’t.”

He then tries to push for another time, we were all like, no way are we coming back here again – this is just so irresponsible. Then this fellow had the NERVE to get angry and totally defensive like, ‘So what do you expect me to do? I’m at home, I don’t understand why you guys are so inflexible. It’s a SUNDAY.’


To cut the long story short, he never apologized til the next week when he realised we were all not going to budge and yes, we’re all glad he’s graduating and yes again, we did go see the professor about it, TYVM.

Wow, this was therapeutic.

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  1. May 10, 2010 1:14 pm


    I am so happy you got rid of him at last.

  2. May 17, 2010 4:46 pm

    wow. can’t imagine there are such people in an ivy… anyway. keep writing! love reading your recounted tales. 🙂

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