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A Lesson In Irresponsibility

April 30, 2010

I haven’t been blogging because of irresponsibility.

Not mine, (though I do feel particularly responsible for this blog. Really, readers, I do!), but rather the fact that the past 3 weeks of my life have been inundated with irresponsible people whose seemingly sole purpose in life is to stress me out and make my face break out in a horrible rash of angry-looking zits.

Okay fine the zit thing hasn’t happened if not you will find me in a fetal position in the corner of my room drowing my sorrows by binging on Ben and Jerry’s and watching Ellen Degeneres, and not whining on this blog. But still, the gravity of the situation hasn’t changed.

Beware: I am a very angry panda.

The past week since I’ve been afflicted with these irresponsibility issues has had me obsessive-compulsively thinking murderous thoughts of rage and castration to inflict on those people while I’m doing something mundane – like cooking dinner or taking a shower. It reached a point where I was dangerously close to smelling the putrid stench of blood on my hands.

Just kidding.

But seriously, even though I’ve had a few instances happen to me the past week, I shall just elaborate on one of them in this blog post if not I think I would be at risk of smashing the computer screen. That’s not good because: 1) This computer screen doesn’t belong to me, 2) I’m in the university library and 3) I don’t have money to pay for another screen.

So like, I got paired up with this guy for a pairwork project that accounted for 15% of my final grade for this class. The project consists of a final report and a poster based on a previous policy brief that we handed in 3 weeks ago. I located him on the Cornell website that very weekend (2 weeks before the due date, which is next Tuesday) and asked him to meet, he emails back saying why not that very weekend, say Saturday afternoon. I leave him my phone number and ask him to call. He doesn’t. Fair enough.

I find him in class the next week by asking around. He says he’s taking 12 credits this semester (HALF OF MY WORKLOAD, TYVM.) and has loads of time on his hands, so let’s meet Friday. He meets me for half an hour on Friday and talks about how well he is doing in the class. I think, hmm, seems like a pretty confident guy – this project will go well. We arrange to meet Sunday evening with our graphs from the brief.

Sunday 6pm rolls around. I receive a text from him saying that he had to go down to New York City and is still there, so could we possibly meet the next day instead (Monday). Sure, I said, is 630pm okay? Perfect, he says. At 620pm I receive a text saying that he hasn’t done anything yet and could we please meet another day. I call him and he says he’s at collegetown and will come up. We meet at 7pm for 5 minutes and I send him my work. He says to meet tomorrow (Tuesday).

On Tuesday, I see him in class and at the dining hall eating lunch with his friends for over an hour at 12pm. I receive an email at 2pm saying that he’s plagued with health problems and cannot meet. Apparently his illness had exacerbated from 12 to 2pm that had rendered him incapable of meeting me for an hour. Plus he probably didn’t know that I had seen him laughing animatedly with his friends over a relaxed and long-drawn lunch, therefore the shameless B.S. Delightful.

My friend informs me that his friend worked with him on a project in a previous semester and he did zilch, so he advises me to inform the professor. I find out through the TA that he didn’t hand in his brief that was due 3 weeks ago. Prof and TA assures me I won’t be penalized for his slacking off. Angsty and maxed out, I’m doing the project myself. And there’s no extension. Argh. ):

At least I won’t have to chase myself to meet.

But srsly, how can these people even get in through the ivy league gates? There must be something wrong somewhere!!!

OWELLZ! Life is life is life.

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  1. Clem permalink
    April 30, 2010 10:55 pm

    Hi Cheryl! I love you very much, so please don’t stress out so much. Sometimes group work just sucks.

    I also think you mean ‘foetal’ and not ‘coital’ position. 🙂 they sort of sound the same, and sometimes the latter leads to the former, but they’re quite different in terms of general concept!

  2. May 1, 2010 12:45 am

    My dear girl, I think you mean ‘curled up in a FETAL position’, in paragraph 2. Ahem. 😀

  3. May 1, 2010 1:14 am

    edit: OMYTIAN, I thought that only 2 of you would have seen the mistake since I edited it pretty quickly but wordpress tells me 50+ people have read this post since? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. X_X PAISEH MAX. T_T

  4. May 1, 2010 10:29 am

    Wait what I missed out on an epic gaffe??
    Nonetheless, what an ivy league douche!!! Can’t have people like that running any country. Commiserations but also encouragements and prayers from me to you!

  5. May 1, 2010 1:28 pm

    Argh i just wrote him an email saying I can’t work with him any more, and my TA’s gonna speak to him this weekend. she tells me not to stress out about how he’s going to take it and just focus on my work. I had this ridiculous thought that he’s going to gun me down or something crazy. Haha Y, ivy league douche = douchiest of the douches? :p Gotta be quite hard to beat. It’s so unfortunate though cos he’s seems like a nice guy.

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