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Quotes from the SOC 336 Desk II

February 19, 2010

Right, so here we are again after a harrowing week.

I’ve been devotedly jotting down notes on the going-ons in Sociology 336 since I found out that not only does it provide live entertainment; but also, a live transcript on what goes on in that class is something right out of Dysfunctional Families or SNL – or both. Those NBC people should send someone to my class for script ideas – like maybe some espionage force.

Anyway, the Quotable Blonde Girl strikes again. If she weren’t so morosely funny (you can tell she reeeaally believes in what she is saying), I think everyone would get irritated. Not only has she positioned herself as someone with parents who spy on her boyfriends’ backgrounds, she has outdone herself by declaring today that Men are Immature. Good luck with your dating in college, honey.

Personally, I still find whatever she is saying really amusing but you can tell that the class is getting annoyed with her. When she put forth Controversial Statement #137 today, no one laughed. I had to strangle the soft chuckle that was rising up in my throat.

[Aside: Well, seeing that this is a public portal and if you type in “SOC 336 Cornell”, my blog is like 3rd on the list in Google, even above the Course website and the Faculty Profile page (<- srsly?! guess Cornellians don’t look up this class much), I really really really hope that she is like computer-inept and doesn’t go looking for this class online. If not, if you don’t hear from me in say 2 weeks, I’m scr00ged. Send in the SWAT team to pry me from the Dungeon of Web Arrest.

But, hey, considering that Cornell Daily Sun have people who write about their sex life in full-blown detail weekly, and actually revealing to the 13,000 odd student community how many girls he has screwed around with in the 4 years he’s been here, I don’t think I’m doing that much damage. Seriously, I’m curious, how do these Sun sex columnists get laid!? (They must Get Some every week because, if not, they would be out of a job) And, forgive me if I’m mistaken, but unless you are an exhibitionist, you wouldn’t want your sex life to be splashed on the school news every Thursday. So, question existing: who even wants to go near a sex columnist with a 20 foot pole and 12 shots of vodka?! Please enlighten me… I remember when I first read the sex columns, which was last semester (ooh, my eyes! ooh, my brains!), I was majorly appalled at American liberalism on campus. But hey, whatever, I’m a prude. And this digression is derailing my story.]

So essentially what Blonde Girl said in response to what is a college student’s ideal age to get marriage was: “I mean, I think the age is younger for girls because well, I mean guys are like so much more immature than us. They don’t start thinking about the future because like, they are so childish for such a long time.”

You should have been there to see my Prof’s face. Remember when I said that most American professors are overly accommodating? This one usually is, but because of the stony reception of the lecture hall (especially the guys in class, omytian.) in response to her comment, I think my Prof had a mixture of apprehension and caution on her face, while trying to be As Nice As Possible, “(nervous chuckle, backs away from rostrum) Yeeeaaa, you know I think we should leave this discussion of maturity aside for a while…”

And Blonde Girl, obviously not dense enough to recognize the Prof’s reaction as being less-than-enthusiastic, stubbornly tries to reassert her point, “No, well, you see – I’m just saying that guys don’t think about the future as much as us girls. It’s true!”

Owells, I really hope for her sake that she starts to think before she speaks in class. I don’t think any guy in our class wants to date her now – not like she came here for an M.R.S. degree anyway, or at least I hope not. (Tidbit of the Day: M.R.S. degree is just a euphemism for people coming to (elite) colleges hoping to snag an eligible guy for a husband. Yep, we learn such things in Sociology class.)

Anyway, to further bemoan the Improbability of Getting Married, you can go even lower these days. If SDU doesn’t help and joining the Ivy League Dating Club doesn’t help – don’t worry! You can do as the Japanese do and get married to an ANIME GAME CHARACTER. Though you won’t be helping the plunging birthrates in Singapore as Harry Lee proclaims.

Seriously, read the comments on that Anime Husband page. They’re hilarious:

wfpman: I don’t give this marriage another year. He’ll leave her for the PSP version…


I knew she had been cheating on me. I never thought she would take it this far. I will sues!

I hope he’s happy. Wow.

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  1. February 19, 2010 11:04 am

    OOOh. I am so amused. There’s some truth in it though. 🙂

  2. February 20, 2010 11:24 am

    I can’t wait to go to college.

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