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Overheard, Somewhere in SOC 336

February 13, 2010

Someone should launch a quoteable quotes page for this class that I’m in. It’s about evolving families, essentially ‘why-is-everyone-getting-divorced-today!?!?!?!’ and how the government is doing nothing to encourage families to stick together, but everything to ensure that single parents get some food stamps or something to help them along, while driving the American economy further into the ground. A class that centers on Common Sense, obviously.

So this Sunday is Valentine’s Day (aka the day of crass love commercialism – at least that is what I’m trying to make myself believe) and in lieu of that, we were talking about gender roles and expectations. Such as, “Which of the girls in this class has ever paid for a first date?”, “Which of the girls in this class has asked a guy out?” and most seriously, “Tell me, why don’t guys ever ask me out?”

In any sense, it was hilarious and I literally guffawed when some people said some ridiculous things, absolutely straight-faced.

Let me share the Joy, since sitting in front of a computer chuckling to myself isn’t helping my sane image much:

Girl with bleached blond hair, with equally bleached ripped jeans – probably from Miss Sixty, raises her hand, “Professor, can I say something? Well, uhhh, I actually think that the guys I’ve dated who like, open doors for me and like pay for me and stuff actually are honored to do that. I see it as like, (dismissive shrug) they feel that they’re lucky to have me and so wanna show me that ‘yea, I can provide for you,’ you know?” (Class laughs) “What?! I mean it!”

Guy with highlighted hair, in response to Prof’s statement that guys do not spend as much on shopping as girls, “Na-uh. Prof, these jeans cost me a hell load of money. Cos like y’know…I got them in Italy. They were like 300 dollars. (Suddenly stands up and heads to the front of the lecture room and starts modeling them)


“You guys are not gonna believe this but my parents actually do BACKGROUND CHECKS on my previous boyfriends. LITERALLY. Like they find out about their families and stuff, and what they do. I know it’s strange, I have no idea how they do it – but they do. (nods emphatically)”

Because we were also discussing interesting article that came out recently in the New York Times about gender-skewed colleges (-ahemACSahem-) such that guys (who are a minority) can play the field as much as they want because there are just too many girls! (Well guys, if you’re looking for some loved-up action – head over to N.C.-Chapel Hill! NUS has an exchange there!)

Same blonde girl from before, on question about whether girls’ parents are more concerned about their boyfriend’s prospects because men are supposed to fit into the role of The Good Provider:

Girl: “Prof, I don’t get it – I think guys are afraid of rejection. I hardly get asked out nowadays!”
Guy friend beside her: “Nicole, you wanna bring this up in class? You started it. Prof, this girl here – she rejected 3 of my mah friends. Now my other friend is tellin’ me, ‘Hey this girl is scary man, she turned down mah friends, what makes you think I gotta shot?’ Nicole, you brought this upon yourself, girl.”

Welcome to college. Desperation to get some lovin’ wafts in the air, and according to today’s Cornell Daily Sun, something called GoodCrush has just been launched – where people can find out if anyone has a crush on them -and, get this, if it is mutual – the crushes are revealed to each other and they naturally progress into a dating relationship. Cornell ain’t the most lacking in love Ivy apparently. This idea was generated in Princeton when some dude came up with the idea and LITERALLY OVERNIGHT, 30% of Princeton had signed up with it.

For me? I’m content in my little portion of SOC 336, observing the drama but not dancing in front of class in my Aldo booties.

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  1. xinhui permalink
    February 13, 2010 10:26 am

    hahaha! your course is awesome, man! where do i sign up?

  2. Sheryl permalink
    February 18, 2010 3:38 am

    This is freaking hilarious.

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