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Lists, Lists and More Lists

December 18, 2009

I was just looking through Japanese products and I think it’s irrefutable that they make the cutest, cutest things! 🙂 So I compiled an image of what I felt were some things I wished I had – too cute!

Oh, and proving that I am still in the Singaporean vein of things, I know that xiaxue got married. So happy for her! I think the proposal was the sweetest thing, and so unexpected. And because I have to rush out in less than half an hour to have Vietnamese food with my friend before he heads off to Princeton tomorrow, I shall list down things that I am thankful for:

1. That God made a way to my change in major to Asian Studies. I have been deliberating over it for ages because I love everything to do with Asian culture and I very much am intellectually unstimulated in Policy work and I thought I would never have the chance to transfer PLUS accelerate my coursework. But I just received new last week that the Board approved it! :DD That said, at the beginning of the semester, the Transfer Dean actually told me that my case would only have a 2% success rate. God works against all odds, AMEN!

2. Friends – I’m starting to really love my house (: And quite sad that people will be slowly leaving one by one starting from tonight. Mehmehmehmeh. ):

3. Food and cooking – I really love cooking now. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks I’ll be spending alone here, I’ll indulge in arts & craftsy and gastronomic adventures! 😀

4. Amazon, Ebay – the most amazing websites in the world ❤ I love you, my darlings. If only I had more money.

5. My new phoooone! My previous one got waterlogged (don’t ask) so I went out and bought a new Verizon wireless LG env3 yesterday:

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  1. December 18, 2009 4:29 pm

    Japs make the worlds happiest candy.

  2. peter permalink
    December 24, 2009 12:49 am

    japan is the bomb of kick-ass animations too!!! 😀

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