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December 16, 2009

Because we had our very first semester in Ithaca without snow (without snow. without. snow. srsly.), now Ithaca’s weather is overcompensating for it by having hail-like blizzards nightly. Abso-frigging-ly delightful. I went out to the Commons in the middle of my licensing course yesterday in the middle of the blizzard to grab some pizza. The great thing about Ithaca is that it has the highest ratio of people to restaurants and the pizza parlor I walked into yesterday happened to have pizzas ranked #1 in Ithaca.

It was amazing, the selection. They didn’t have whole pizzas of just a singular flavor. It was a mix-and-match place and I chose something safe with something I’ve never seen before – Hawaiian & Artichoke with Pesto. Mmm, mmm! Very good indeed. The slices were humongous though, so I’ve them spread over my dinner, this morning’s breakfast and I still have 1/4 of each slice left, which I shall have for lunch. Buuurrpp.

In any event, I am filled with dread about the coming week because it would mean that I will be in this house ALONE (just because everyone’s flying back this time around and I’m not) until the 29th of December. Yep, Christmas in Ithaca sounds delightful…Sigh.

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