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What A Week!

December 5, 2009

Okay, so we come to the end of yet another semester (!??). It’s been crazy, this past week. So many loose ends to tie up and problem sets to submit. Funny thing is, for the first time, I have really, really enjoyed all my classes this semester and was kind of upset when each of my classes took its turn to round up this past week. 😥 Joel’s here all the way from California so today we headed out to Tamarind, a Thai restaurant place in the Commons (which is awesome shizz) and it was FANTABULOUSLY LIP-SMACKING. ^_^ I’m also going to hand in my cheque to Campus Cru for Christ tonight for my Spring break mission trip to Guatemala. Please pray that:

  • It will be a good time for me to know God and my fellow brothers and sisters better
  • It will be done in the right heart and at the right time
  • I won’t be bombarded with work immediately after so I will have a restful spirit during the trip
  • I will be able to get financial sponsorship to cover at least part of my program costs

Hmm…that’s it for now! Will let you know if I have any other prayer requests that come up along the way.Thanks guys (: and thank God for His provision!

Anyway, before I plunge myself headfirst into studying for finals (woohoo!!! just joking.), let me share with you some photos from my Chicago trip (the one with the gorgeous scenery of a tree and sunset is taken from Cornell’s Libe Slope though. Just loved it so much I wanted to share.)! It’s an amazing city, there’s awesome Chinese food and bubble tea and great shopping. I love Tianni! ((: Can’t wait to see her again soon in December once these finals (ugh) are over.

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  1. December 17, 2009 2:05 pm

    Praying for you! Yes I hope it’ll be an awesome time of growing in Guatemala : ) Looking to do missions right here in Syracuse myself.. Also, I’m sure you’ll have fun still in Ithaca for Christmas!! If you feel spontaneous enough, come over to Toronto! 😀 Haven’t heard from you in ages.

  2. December 17, 2009 10:00 pm

    Hi loveee ((: Are you already in Toronto? I might just head over, depending on how my research is coming along. It’s blustery in Ithaca haha, I can totally imagine myself being snowed in for years and not going anywhere in this cold. ): I wish I could drive! That would solve alot of things. I might not go to Guatemala after all, because it costs $1400 for the week of Spring break. My mum says to go for a more affordable missions trip because I’ll be (very likely) spending quite a bit this winter in the Mediterranean…

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