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In the Windy City

November 27, 2009

I’m in Chicago to spend my Thanksgiving! (: It’s been a blast meeting the UChig people and Tianni’s been especially hospitable!

Went karaoke-ing in Chinatown yesterday and ate at this swanky place called Medici in Hyde Park, where they unabashedly tout themselves as The Place Where Obama Dines. Even the back of their shirts have the slogan in bold, “OBAMA EATS HERE”. (YES, OKAY I GEDDIT.) Their thin crust spinach and cheese pizza is to die for! Took loads of pictures in that place so I’ll post it up once I get my uploading device (which is sadly, still in Ithaca).

We later went over to Adrian’s apartment in Regency (which is like a luxury condo), where they have an indoor swimming pool and doorman and shizz like that. Really posh undergraduate living, though you might run into the occasional professional or professor running next to you on the treadmill. Oh, and even Obama. (Yes, he works out there.) Apparently, he went to use the gym the day after he won the elections and their were like 20 of his bodyguards guarding the gym, which led to complaints of elitism (in the gym) or such.

Anyway, will be leaving in an hour or less for some tasty Thanksgiving spread at Oaklawns with Tianni and her other friends so I’m really excited. Lunch will be costly but hey, at least it isn’t a buffet (can’t control myself) and it only rolls around once a year!

Crap. I have so much work to do that I just don’t feel like doing – Chicago’s an amazing city (especially when you have a wonderful host!)




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