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What’s that word again?

November 3, 2009

…Oh, right. Breathe.

So this week has come and gone and it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would have. Nonetheless, it’s been quite testing, though. That’s the thing about college. You are given the agency of choice and the intensity of the course load and extracurricular activities you wish to undertake and eventually you end up with hardly any free time when prelims or finals week comes around. I’ve had 2 exams, 1 quiz, 1 presentation and 2 papers to be done, on top of normal classes and reading 4 books about Mao for my research project in the past 5 days alone. Wow, crap. I didn’t even know I had that much work! D: I guess it really does push you to your academic limits – my friends didn’t celebrate Halloween and they studied till 4am all through the weekend for the exam which I had today. That’s intense! And to (geek alert) reject the null hypothesis that it’s pure Singaporean muggerishness – they’re American through and through. In any case, I blew off some steam by online retail therapy – spent 80usd in an afternoon buying summer clothes (don’t ask me why). Don’t regret it though! I bought them on sale and when I went back to the site the next day, they were taken off the sales rack and their prices re-skyrocketed to 300% the price that I bought them for.

I’ve been house-hunting and planning for my winter break plans with my friends and it’s been really exciting! I really hope things go smoothly and the trip doesn’t break my bank haha!

In other news, it’s been a while but I still feel compelled to write about it:

My heart broke when I saw the headline of the Cornell Daily Sun a few weeks back -Lim ’13 found dead in dorm. I remember I was in the Temple of Zeus grabbing the daily soup and an onion bagel when I read that and my heart nearly stopped. Boon Jim Lim wasn’t Singaporean, but close enough. He was from Kuala Lumpur and a freshman who was an Economics major. I remember searching through the recesses of my memory. ‘Did I meet him at welcome weekend at any joint-MSA-SSA events?’ I felt, and still feel, terrible for his family. It’s never easy for an international freshman to assimilate into the American culture within the first 2 months. From what was described, he was pretty introverted but an all-around nice guy who was very close to his family talked to them every day. The next week, the Sun reported that his family didn’t wish to disclose the cause of his death. Malaysia’s The Star said it was due to natural reasons though.

I thought that was case closed but I realised in church that he was attending CBS’s (my former fellowship) seekers study. For personal growth reasons (I don’t get why everyone always assumes it’s any other reason. I love CBS and its people, I still go to church with them and eat together. I just felt as though I wasn’t growing because I was too comfortable.) , I’ve started attending Cru this semester instead – if I had stayed on in CBS, I probably would have ran into Boon Jim and known him. Edgar (his fellowship leader) is taking it pretty hard – it hurts all of us to know that Boon Jim was trying to seek God and passed away so quickly.

I hope he did find Him. I hope He did find him.

Life’s so precious.

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  1. November 8, 2009 12:03 pm

    1 Week till I see your precious self!

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