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October 13, 2009

Okay, so as promised, here’s my pet (: We’re not allowed to keep them in my house actually but I was passing by Ho Plaza one day last week and the Pet Society was selling them! The poor beta fish (that’s what they’re called here in the U.S.) were shipped and transported for 2 straight days in a very small bag of water and this one looked so worn out I impulsively felt like taking it home! So I did (:

Say hi! I haven’t named him yet. I was thinking of Frederick, Raphael or Geoffrey.


He’s so cute innit?? So much better to relax after doing work by staring at him swimming round and round.

So I just got back from Rochester & Niagara (Y, apparently we don’t even pass Syracuse while driving down from Rochester to Ithaca! Sadface.) We caught the last boat INTO the falls. It was crazy! Made you realise how awesome God is that he creates such majestic structures. Then you realise how utterly flawed men are that we create divides amongst ourselves. See, essentially, the falls are what separates U.S.A. and Canada so you have the Canadian side and the U.S. side on the same river that’s like 200m wide. And because you’re in a ship in the crevass/valley of sorts, you look up and you see all these itty-bitty looking Canadians peering over the rim of the Canadian side, watching us in the boat.


Lookit! Canadians, eh! (Yep, we were all the way at the bottom)

So it was AMAZING. I have to show you what it looks like inside the Maiden of the Mist.



Then, we went to Tricia’s place in Rochester which was awesome. We got there at 10pm at night cos we stayed to watch Niagara light up. I also shared a Bison burger (that’s buffalo for you!) and Baked Salmon Burger with Flora at a Native American restaurant in the casino (we had to get escorted through it cos none of us were 21).


So when I woke up in the morning in Tricia’s place, I saw what I didn’t get to see the previous night (cos it was dark, duh!) A LAKE THAT SURROUNDED HER WHOLE HOUSE IN A U-SHAPE. Apparently, it freezes over in winter so like people play ICE HOCKEY ON THAT. CRAZY! I was so amazed. Her house is beautiful, and it has a LAKE! dude, cmon no one in Singapore has a lake behind your house – no matter how rich you are. At most you only have a long kang. 😦 I wanna move to Rochester!


Above: View from Tricia’s patio


The lake in her backyard!


Above: Tricia’s house from the front, and that’s Luca, her maltese-lhaso-apso mix! He’s one hella licker. Never stops licking!

More Fall Break 2009 (Niagara Falls & Rochester) pictures here!

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  1. October 13, 2009 9:28 am

    Ahhhh I stood exactly where the itsby bitsy Canadians are standing in your photo when I went to the Niagara last year! The restaurant behind them basically turns into one huge ice sculpture in the winter ’cause of all the “rain” from the falls. Next time try the Canadian side! You’ll be allowed anywhere in the casino 😉
    Your boat trip must have been amaziiing….ly wet! 😀

  2. peter permalink
    October 13, 2009 10:16 pm

    i lurve that niagaraaaa~~~ I AM JEALOUS SIMMIAOHUA!!!

    oh and as a side note, i think that aquarium is a little too small for your new fish buddy

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